Sunday, June 14, 2009

June's Super Swap

I received my super swap package last week from Evey and, boy, was I thrilled! Sadly, our newest member of the family has decided he likes yarn. He pulled it off of the kitchen table and decided to help me unravel it (silly puppies!). It does look pretty cool in the picture though, right? The yarn is Noro's Silk Garden Lite. I've seen Noro at the local yarn shops, but have never picked it up since I couldn't think of anything to knit with it. Evey also sent me a Noro pattern book, which solved the dilema. I am going to pick up some double points at the store some time this week or the next and start on a pair of arm warmers :)

I also received a bunch of other great goodies that included a hand knit bag out of Noro's Silk Garden (this is such a beautiful bag!), a yellow shawl, some hilarious note cards, a postcard, magnet, and spoon (all from Canada), stitch markers (one has a house on it and we have been busy working on our house so it works great!), tea, cocoa, cider, scizzors, a very pretty lip stick case, hand lotion, a maple leaf sucker (maple syrup [double delicious! I had to resist it until I took the pictures), and some yummy looking fruit bars that I can't wait to try!

Evey really did a great job and spoiled me galore! This was a great stuff it swap and I hope she likes the package I sent her just as much!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well it has been a busy, busy couple of weeks and so I haven't been able to blog... or rather have been too tired to blog!
It all ended yesterday (hopefully) with a bang of a birthday party for my mom's 54th. We had the whole family over for sausages, salads, chips, and cake. And boy, was it a dog of a party!
Kellee had picked up an Australian Shepherd mix on Friday and named him Jasper (can you guess why?).
That sent an itch up my spine and Nate and I went to the Salt Lake City Animal Shelter and the Humane Society of Utah yesterday morning. We were looking for a one year old dog... a lab or possibly an Austrailian Shepherd. We didn't find a dog that really clicked at the SLC Shelter so we continued on to the Humane Society.
We walked through and looked at all the dogs and eyeballed a lady walking around with a puppy that looked just like a Golden Retreiver pup... and surprise! It WAS! To Nate it was a done deal and I knew he wanted one very bad... so I agreed.
I will proudly introduce you to the newest member of our family, Bartleby!

And on Wednesday we had the joy of watching my Sparkle (better known as Michael, my nephew) walk in his graduation from East Hollywood High School.
We were so proud of him! It had been a very sketchy week, but luckily he made it!
I recorded the video of his "aspirations" which I will post later on once I figure it out.
He is such a handsome boy... er man now that he is grown up :)

My parents returned from their Oregon vacation on Sunday of last week, too. They brought me some great do-dads. The best is the smoked cheddar cheese and cheese curds from Tillamook.

Some really pretty measuring spoons... there is no way I can use these in the kitchen!
And to finish it off, a cute magnet!