Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rosalie's Scarf

Kellee finished her Rosalie scarf this week and I took some pictures last night for our Etsy site.

It is so beautiful and soft! She knitted it out of a cashmere, nylon, acryllic blend.
Have you noticed how many of the knitted items in Twilight have a stitch with the name 'horse shoe' in it? The gloves, Rosalie's scarf, and Bella's scarf. You have to love it!
We're selling this one for $85 with free priority mail shipping in the US. Visit for more information!

May Swap Package

My first yarn swap was a total hit (with me of course!)
My swap partner was Craftmummy on Ravelry and she sent me some really great items!
I plan on using the alpaca yarn to knit myself a scarf since it is so soft and a great color to go with my winter wardrobe! I really can't wait until next winter now!
I smelled the candles as soon as I opened the package and boy did they smell great! They're mango tangerine and they really wake you up!!!
I'm going to bring the photo holders to work so I can put up some pics of my hubby, cats, and dog... I have even considered putting up some photos of my flowers and veggie garden since I'm so proud of them!
Verdict on my first swap: A+ I absolutely love it! Thanks Britainy!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bella's scarf

Now... I've been having a lot of fun with this scarf! I say that sarcastically.... but it is true at the same time!

Kellee called me last night and said... "something clicked." So I ran over there and poured over the baseball scene for the hundredth time over and over again and BAM! There it was...

The grey doesn't rotate from side to side... it stays going up the middle! Who knew? I sure as hell didn't pay attention at 3 in the morning when I was trying to figure it out a few weeks ago.

I took out the scarf I had started and started another one.

Oh, and one more thing! We noticed there is a bit of the magenta color at the ends... maybe one or two inches tops!

I can now honestly say there is one bad thing about the baseball scene when you're trying to figure out a pattern and that is that you cannot see worth anything! I am up to the third panel now... working on the magenta again! I'll post a picture soon of what it is beginning to look like...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Beginning a Blog

This is my first ever blog!

I know it seems slightly neurotic for me to say that, but it is very true! I've read numerous blogs online, mainly when I'm searching for patterns or ideas. I've loved every single one of them, too! I've even attemped blogging on myspace and facebook, but I can never seem to get the complete concept. So I decided that I would start a knitting blog!

I am a neurotic knitter... or one of the two (my sister Kellee is the second). We both knit like crazy mainly because it helps calm our nerves. I have recently started knitting and felting bowls. I thought they would be interesting to try out for felting, as I've never tried it and WHALA! Three runs through the washing machine on hot I found out it really works! I couldn't believe it! (can you tell how sceptical I was?!)

My newest interest is getting Bella's baseball scarf down to a T! I've knitted two so far, but neither of them were exactly as I wanted them to be. So... round three will hopefully work out! I'm starting with a slant. I'll get pictures as I go and hopefully it will work out for the best!