Thursday, May 21, 2009

May Swap Package

My first yarn swap was a total hit (with me of course!)
My swap partner was Craftmummy on Ravelry and she sent me some really great items!
I plan on using the alpaca yarn to knit myself a scarf since it is so soft and a great color to go with my winter wardrobe! I really can't wait until next winter now!
I smelled the candles as soon as I opened the package and boy did they smell great! They're mango tangerine and they really wake you up!!!
I'm going to bring the photo holders to work so I can put up some pics of my hubby, cats, and dog... I have even considered putting up some photos of my flowers and veggie garden since I'm so proud of them!
Verdict on my first swap: A+ I absolutely love it! Thanks Britainy!


  1. What? No love (1) button?

    Welcome to Swapping. It is the greatest... (reminds of Christmas/Birthdays/Big Gift Exchange events combined with Show-n-tell). My first one was in Jan of this year. I am so addicted. I did 3 this May, but I grounded myself--only 1 swap a month from now on!