Friday, May 1, 2009

Beginning a Blog

This is my first ever blog!

I know it seems slightly neurotic for me to say that, but it is very true! I've read numerous blogs online, mainly when I'm searching for patterns or ideas. I've loved every single one of them, too! I've even attemped blogging on myspace and facebook, but I can never seem to get the complete concept. So I decided that I would start a knitting blog!

I am a neurotic knitter... or one of the two (my sister Kellee is the second). We both knit like crazy mainly because it helps calm our nerves. I have recently started knitting and felting bowls. I thought they would be interesting to try out for felting, as I've never tried it and WHALA! Three runs through the washing machine on hot I found out it really works! I couldn't believe it! (can you tell how sceptical I was?!)

My newest interest is getting Bella's baseball scarf down to a T! I've knitted two so far, but neither of them were exactly as I wanted them to be. So... round three will hopefully work out! I'm starting with a slant. I'll get pictures as I go and hopefully it will work out for the best!

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